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17 November 09

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Orange launches People Projects: a new social media service designed to help people carry out a project

Orange is launching People Projects, a new Facebook application that lets people communicate with their social network and create groups online that want to support, or be part of community projects. In line with Orange’s brand vision, “Together we can do more” the new service is making it possible for individuals to call on the internet community to support or carry out their projects – connecting people through volunteering in a powerful way.

The new service encourages web users to discover a number of projects or initiatives where they are based, get in touch with the project owners or other volunteers, and communicate with one another. It also lets the groups demonstrate their achievements and share them with the world.

Starting in the UK and France, People Projects is an application developed for social networks (with Facebook leading the way), as well as its own supporting site:

The Facebook application enables web users to manage and fulfill shared projects, whether they are personal or community-focused (e.g. holding a neighbourhood picnic or organizing a charity event).

If you are starting a project, the application offers a range of practical features, such as:

  • a dedicated project page, tools to promote it and virtually reward those who help
  • a task list so you know who’s doing what
  • an events tool to organise meetings and get things moving
  • a timeline to make sure everything stays on track

To support a project, three levels of interaction are possible: viewing and distributing the project, expressing your support, putting yourself forward as an active participant.

Project owners on Facebook can “opt-in” to include their project on the Orange People Projects website which provides a showcase of the projects happening in Facebook. Orange also highlights up to eight inspiring projects on the website homepage, letting individuals collectively demonstrate how people, together, can really do more. Each project has a dedicated page and a link is provided to the project in Facebook .

From today, all web users registered on Facebook are able to download the People Projects by Orange in order to create their own project and invite people to take part. In the future, Orange will offer the application on other community networks in addition to Facebook. Initially available on the Web, People Projects by Orange will later be released for the mobile.

“Launched in July 2008, our brand vision together we can do more highlights the positive power of the collective, explains Caroline Mille, the Group’s head of communications. Individuals today have growing aspirations to pool their initiatives and act together to tackle projects that they would not have been able to successfully achieve alone.

This tool has been developed with the support of Publicis and Poke.

About Orange

Orange is the key brand of the France Telecom Group, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. With 123 million customers, the Orange brand now covers Internet, television and mobile services in the majority of countries where the Group operates.

In the UK, Orange provides high quality GSM coverage to 99% of the UK population, and 3G coverage to more than 93%. At the end of September 2009, Orange had more than 17 million customers in the UK – 16.11 million active mobile customers and approximately 900,000 fixed broadband customers.

At the end of 2008, France Telecom had consolidated sales of 53.5 billion euros (12.7 billion euros for the first quarter of 2009) and at 31st March 2009, the Group had a customer base of almost 184 million customers in 32 countries. These include 123 million mobile customers worldwide and 13 million broadband Internet (ADSL) customers in Europe. Orange is the number three mobile operator and the number one provider of broadband Internet services in Europe and, under the brand Orange Business Services, is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies.

Orange and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trade marks of Orange Personal Communications Services Limited.

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