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10 October 11

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Orange & T-Mobile customers to benefit from 3G in more places, as Everything Everywhere extends the “big switch-on”

Everything Everywhere, the UK’s biggest communications company, today announced that millions of UK mobile customers will benefit from faster internet and data speeds in more places, for no extra cost, thanks to the latest advancements in their mobile network evolution plan.

The “big switch-on”, launched last year, initially allowed Orange and T-Mobile customers to access each others’ network’s to make calls and send texts in more places than ever before. From next week, the next phase in this programme, the “big 3G switch-on”, will start to roll out to all 27 million Orange and T-Mobile mobile customers, making it possible for customers to use the 3G signals from both networks, not just their host network. This will benefit customers by offering faster internet and data access, in more places across the UK than before.

As part of Everything Everywhere’s ambition to build out both the best 2G and 3G network coverage in the UK,  additional 2G improvements will also be introduced that allow customers to keep talking in more places.

Already, customers of each brand have shown the value in having access to each other’s networks, with 1.7 million days worth of calls (or almost 41 million hours)  having been made on the other brand’s network, and almost five billion extra text messages having been sent and received since October last year – benefitting over 20 million people across the country. 

Starting next week, the 3G switch-on will roll-out, region by region, to all Orange and T-Mobile customers, over the next few months. Customer charges remain the same when using the other network’s signal.

Olaf Swantee, CEO of Everything Everywhere, said: “This is a significant achievement and demonstrates the latest milestone in our network vision and customer promise - to provide more things, to more people in more places than any other company in Britain.

Customers are always on the move and demanding instant access to information wherever they are. Not only will customers be able to talk in places they weren’t able to before, they’ll also now be able to access the internet, social networks or download emails at improved speeds, in more places.”


Press contacts:
Everything Everywhere Press office: or 0870 373 1500

About Everything Everywhere
Everything Everywhere Limited is the company running two of the UK’s most famous brands – T-Mobile (UK) and Orange (UK).

Owned jointly by Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom respectively, Everything Everywhere Limited is the UK’s biggest communications company, with a combined customer base of almost 28 million people and more than 720 retail stores across the country. Everything Everywhere Limited plans to transform the industry by giving customers instant access to everything everywhere, offering the best value, best choice and best network experience in the country.


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